Social responsability

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“You get better by sharing”

We consider that it is important to actively and signifficantly get involved in the life of the communitys where we activate. That is why, over the years, our company has engaged in numerous projects of social responability. We are a major beneficiary of the community through the bussinesses the people do with us, and so, it is vital that in return, we give back a piece of our success.

For BEN ARI NEGEV INDUSTRIAL, long term investments that contribute directly to a healthy evolution of the community are important. That is why, we develop communitary projects, focused on the involvement in the community and corporate volunteering in the environment where the company operates.

We focus the volunteering activities of our employees, so that each ear, on special occasions like Easte, Chrismas, Children’s Day, our employees become messengers of BEN ARI NEGEV INDUSTRIAL’s involvement in the life of the comunity, supporting the disadvantaged children of a day care center for children, and also various state institutions, that get involved in the support and growth of the community where they activate.

Santa Claus is here 2017!

1st of June 2017

Santa Claus is here !